Why I’d say goodbye to BYE’s in Tennis…

I’ve been thinking about writing this piece for a while now and is it time to say goodbye to BYE’s in tennis?

I’m not a fan of BYE’s in tennis I think it can take away some of the excitement from the early rounds in the sport and also in tournaments for example like Miami you have to wait almost a week to see some of the top players play.

We know that for low ranked players on the ATP and WTA tour prize money isn’t great and it is tough for them to earn money and keep in the game on a permanent basis. For example at Miami all 32 seeded players received a BYE to round two which I’m not a big fan of. I want to see the top players tested in round one against lower ranked players or players given a wildcard for the tournament from different tennis associations based on improvement on the tour as sometimes wildcards are just handed out to the same player’s week in week out despite little improvement!

Some may argue as a top player you should be given a free pass in the opening round to avoid a big early upset however in majors there are no BYE’s which adds excitement especially when there is an early exit it grabs all the headlines!

In my personal opinion I do think it is time for a change in draws. For one I don’t think the top players should be given a free pass to round two and having them in action during round one may increase money at tournaments as the big players will be in action which means more people through the doors! Also taking out BYE’s will mean more chances for players week in week out which can only be a better thing, right?


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