Serena Williams’ hunt for 9th Miami title ended by Kuznetsova

For the first time in 16 years Serena Williams has gone out of Miami before the quarter finals.

I’ve seen all three of Serena’s matches in Miami this week and the word I used to sum up Serena’s performances was ‘unconvincing’. Even after winning the first set against Kuznetsova today 7-6 I just didn’t feel that usual sense of Serena is going to win this and then from 1-1 in the second set she went on to lose 8 games in a row which is completely unheard of and ended up losing the match 7-6 1-6 2-6 and hitting 50 unforced errors during the match which is way too much but also credit to Kuznetsova who remained composed on big points and played an excellent game to cause the biggest upset of the tournament.

Serena hasn’t looked her very best all year. She started well in Australia but faulted at the final and since then at Indian Wells and Miami has struggled at times especially this week. Remarkably it’s been almost 7 months since Serena last won a title in Cincinnati last year which is amazing!

What is wrong with Serena though? I don’t think we have seen her best this season, will we see it anytime soon? I’m not to sure. I personally believe this is part of the hangover from New York in my opinion. It was the biggest upset in tennis history and Serena never played again that year so to come back and be at her very best week in week out from minute one would be improbable and it is turning out like that.

I think we will see her best and whatever happens over the next few months she will be the favourite in Paris, Wimbledon and New York!

Defeat in Miami is a shock but I hope it’s not too long until we see Serena lifting another title!

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