Miami Open Preview – Roger Federer v Juan Martin del Potro

It’s been a while. Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro have met twenty times during their careers but not since the 2013 ATP World Tour Finals in London due to Del Potro on-going wrist injury. However two of the games most liked characters are back and raring to go again!

Roger Federer hasn’t played since defeat to Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals due to a knee injury and it is so good to see Del Potro back and playing regular tennis!

To have a meeting of this magnitude so early on in the competition is fantastic but also such a shame one of these two magnificent players will have leave the competition early. They have produced some incredible matches in the past with the most iconic being the US Open final in 2009 which Juan won in three sets to win his first Grand Slam title. One of my favourite meetings was in Paris a few years ago when ended up on the same side of the court as Federer…

Video via YouTube Channel – ATPWorldTour

One handers. Roger has the backhand and Juan has the forehand and on their day they are one of the best on the tour.

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Above I have put together a diagram which shows the targets of the Federer backhand and Del Potro forehand which are remarkable shots once they have time to back into the corners of the court to pick their shot and they are effective at wearing down their opponent who is immediately put on the defensive with these shots.

I don’t think there is a clear favourite for this one. It’s been a while since Federer played but he is one of the greatest of all time so never count him out on the other hand is a match of this magnitude too soon for Del Potro? The Argentine recently lost in straight sets against Berdych but I thought played a pretty solid match and the most important thing right now is the minutes he is spending on court which will help boost his ranking and his level.

I don’t see the point in looking at the head to head. I think Federer is favourite but I wouldn’t count out Del Potro and I think he will win in three sets!


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