Indian Wells – Dimitrov wasteful as Zverev edges it late on!

Sometimes after a tennis match you just don’t know what happened and that was certainly the feeling I got after watching Zverev v Dimitrov.

It was quite an interesting match, both players had periods where they took control and at the end it was the player who had the most control for the majority of the match who couldn’t keep their level and surprisingly lost it late on.

Even writing this piece I’m scratching my head! After winning the second set and taking control early on in the third set it looked like it would end up being a Dimitrov win as everything was going in his favour.

I’ve written quite a bit in the past about his backhand and it wasn’t producing winners (just the 5) in the match but the backhand from baseline to baseline was exemplary.

dimi bh

As you can see above I have put an example together and the height he got off the backhand as well as the depth forced Zverev to play defensive.

During the third set I think it was Sky Sports showed an infographic with Zverev rally hit points with the German stood between 2 and 5 metres behind the baseline during rallies and only winning 18% of points which is not good enough but still at the end got the win.

This is a big part of the game where a lot of players seem to struggle with and that is closing out matches this match should have been completed with Dimitrov advancing but despite being ahead I said at time on Twitter I still don’t know who will win this.

Credit where it’s due to Zverev though. He got frustrated but he kept the score line close and when you do that even if you are only winning 18% of rallies 2 metres behind the baseline you give yourself a tremendous chance, he got his chance and with the help of the net cord he took it!

Overall it has to go down as a missed opportunity for Dimitrov he was in control and a lapse in concentration cost him late on.


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