Murray Masterclass in Melbourne!

Andy Murray came up with some tennis that even Harry Potter couldn’t of conjured up in Melbourne as he continued to impress at the Australian Open sailing into the third round after another terrific performance from the British number one.

Sadly I couldn’t watch the match live as it started at about 2:00am UK Time and even though #sleepisfortheweak it was a little too late for me however I watched the highlights of the match and well you can’t help but applaud what was a simply stunning performance.

am lob v groth 2

One of the standouts from the match for me was the lob shot. I’ve written about it before I think it’s the best in tennis and to come up with such an incredible attacking shot from a defensive position of sometimes 4 or 5 metres behind the baseline is incredible. I think tennis is going towards power with some of the future stars but the cleverness of players like Andy, Novak and Roger is something they practice all the time. To master drop shots, passing shots and lob shots takes time and effort and brings much needed variation to their game to allow them to be at the very top for so long and to be so consistent throughout the year.

Something else that stood out for me was the passing shot off the backhand and forehand with Murray leaning away from the court. To control the ball whilst running and to get the spin and pace on it just causes havoc for opponents with it so close to the tip of the net.

am fh

These aren’t necessarily winners but because of the lack of height and perfectly weighted shot from Murray we see time and time again it force errors from the opponent who can just get enough on it to return the ball over the net.

If I had to pick my favourite out of the two shots the forehand or backhand pass then it’s the forehand which is a delicate but effective flick of the wrists with perfect trajectory to cause problems from a defensive position and move your opponent off the court.

Overall it was a masterclass from Murray who looks very good right now going into the third round. His game plan was executed perfectly and was in complete control. There is a long way to go in Melbourne but with that continued variation from the world number two I see no reason why he can’t potentially lift the title a week on Sunday.



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