Australian Open Preview – Nick Kyrgios v Tomas Berdych

Nick Kyrgios and Tomas Berdych have never met on the tour before but did play against each other at the IPTL in December in a match which Nick Kyrgios was in complete control of and unless Tomas plays different to how he did then I can see it being more of the same.

Tomas likes to get involved behind the baseline but Nick didn’t give him any time at all and was too quick and too good for the former Wimbledon finalist.

My prediction is a win for Kyrgios however I don’t think he should overdo it early on and start of steadily. I’m interested to see this match, Nick has been playing well this year after all that controversy last year but I’m pleased he’s letting his tennis do the talking as he is so talented!

Both the forehand and backhands of Nick’s are so fast and the pace can cause issues for Berdych especially when on the defensive as shots especially the backhand are then short and will invite Kyrgios inside the baseline and towards the net.

I’d like to see a bit of serve and volley from Berdych in this one. He has a good serve out into the Kyrgios backhand which you’d expect to be sliced back by Nick and is really good at the net and can end points quickly as when Nick is on form you don’t really want to be on the run around in rallies especially in the heat of Melbourne!

I can’t see past Kyrgios winning this but I think it will be a close four sets win for the Australian.


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