How late is too late to begin playing a tennis match?

Bad weather and sport don’t mix well. It’s something we can’t control and with quite a bit of bad weather in Hobart this week it’s led to late finishes and tough scheduling on players, so should scheduling be better and how late in the day should a tennis match start?

Heather Watson and Johanna Larsson found themselves playing their quarter final match at 2:02 am local time in Hobart which is when the match finished which is pretty ridiculous! Early on in the day Heather finished her second round match against Monica Niculescu which lasted just after three hours saving a number of match points and then had to play again!

Playing two matches in one day isn’t new but started the quarter final match at 11:50pm local time is quite silly. Imagine if the match would have gone on for longer than three hours like the match between Heather and Monica?

Once the match ends at 2:00am that isn’t the end of the night at all. You have to do interviews, warm downs and then press conference after so may not even get to sleep until about 5:00am depending on how long everything takes!

Once the match finished there would be about 13/14 hours until her semi-final match begins which leaves little time to cool down, do press, sleep and prepare for the match against Cornet which is a little unfair!

I think starting a tennis match at 11:50 at night is a bit silly as it will takes it toll on the players. For me I think for a three set match you shouldn’t start later than 10-10:30 even if there are weather problems. Were in 2016 now and even though a lot of these tournaments are outside ones and of course they will want to be played outside maybe to help players in the future have an inside court available? Or a roof?


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