Why have 22 of the last 29 singles matches at the ATP World Tour Finals been straight sets wins?

Over the past two years straight set wins at the ATP World Tour Finals in London seem to be in fashion but why is that?

In 2014 10 of the 14 matches played were straight sets wins (final wasn’t played as Federer withdrew) and this year 12 of the 15 matches at the World Tour Finals were straight sets wins. Is this just coincidence or is there something in it?


Could tiredness be a factor? Going into London players rarely get a week off with events in Beijing and Paris and go into the finals with at least 60 matches under their belts. Some players do end the tournament with a number of poor performances but is that due to tiredness or lack of competition at the top?


Novak is in a world of his own right now and then you have Roger followed by Andy, Stan and Novak and then the rest. Even as the top eight there are major differences in quality and there is little competition to Novak and Roger but especially Novak who has ran the tour this year!


Something we saw an awful lot of this year in London was players lose the first set but fail to recover in the second and end up being frustrated. Time and time again we saw pretty close first sets which were lost 6-4 or 7-5 for example and then instead of regrouping and going again they completely collapse and lose matches 7-5 6-1 with little fightback at all.

It’s a tough one to put my finger on. I think competition at the very top of the game isn’t there as no one in my opinion is anywhere close to competing with Novak week in week out but their does seem to be a concentration and recovery problem after losing the first set against other top players at one of the biggest events on the calendar where you would expect very close matches throughout the tournament instead of 6-1 6-0 wins against a fellow player ranked inside the top 10!

Why do you think 22 of the last 29 singles matches have been straight sets wins at the World Tour Finals? Is there something in it or just a coincidence?


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