ATP World Tour Finals Preview – Tomas Berdych v Roger Federer

London will host the 21st meeting of Roger Federer v Tomas Berdych and I was surprised to see the head to head was 14-6 in favour of Roger and that it wasn’t more!

However Roger has won their last three meetings and in their two meetings this year on hard courts Berdych has been thrashed!

If Berdych is going to stand a chance he needs time. He is at his best when he is given time and with the speed Roger has been playing at this year he’s certainly going to struggle to find that.

When he does have time he is quite lethal off that off-forehand however against Djokovic in Paris not long ago it wasn’t very good and cost him at big moments.

With the shot he looks to attack the backhand corner and he did get good depth on the shot but it was wild and sometimes looked like he had too much time. The red line shows where the shot should go but it kept missing the target at important moments in the match!

The danger with this is you go into the Federer backhand which is dangerous if the ball is short as he can pick you off with the backhand up the line but Berdych’ best chance may be Federer going cross court and Berdych trying to bring in the backhand down the line.

Berdych wants time and Federer is the polar opposite as he plays with speed.

Playing this way is very clever. It places that seed of doubt into the opponents mind as they look like they are in more of a rush than Roger. You will get chances against Roger like Ramos-Vinolas did, Roger Played a pretty perfect match but Albert took his chances! You will pass Federer a few times at the net but you have to vary your shot selection as you don’t want to look predictable!

I can’t see anything but a Federer win in London in this encounter. His performances this year have been incredible and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t win in straight sets against Berdych.


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