ATP World Tour Finals Preview

They have travelled all around the world and are set for the final destination. London is calling, the top eight in men’s tennis are ready but who will win title and more important can anyone stop Novak Djokovic?

Novak Djokovic

Where better to start. Novak has been simply incredible throughout the season and leads the head to head against the top eight at 23/4 for the year which is simply incredible and the world number one is on a 22 match winning streak which I can’t see ending any time soon especially on a slow indoor hard court. He has broken records almost every match he has played this year and has dominated in Slams and Masters and I fully expect him to break another record and become the first player to win the tournament four years in a row!

Roger Federer

Surprisingly (not) Federer won the usual awards on the ATP Tour which he has win every year since time began however I think just like with every player standing in his way is Novak. He has the talent and game to beat every other player but I can’t see him beating Novak if they were to meet and they could be in the same group! Federer has beaten Novak twice this year but I’d be very surprised if that happens again this year.

Andy Murray

Andy will not be in Novak’s group which is a massive bonus but could be put in the same group as Roger and Rafa. Andy has had a good year but has struggled in matches against Roger and especially Novak throughout the year however I think priorities will be elsewhere as in the following week it is the Davis Cup final! I’d love Andy to win it but I think right now that might be a step too far, hopefully he can get to the semi-finals in London.

Stanislas Wawrinka

He produced the biggest upset of 2015 at Roland Garros and it has been a good year for Stan. I think a successful tournament would be a place in the semi-finals. However I just don’t see Stan playing to the level we saw earlier on in the year and I would be surprised if he made it out of the group as I just think others stand a better chance but he has beaten Roger, Novak and Rafa this year!

Rafael Nadal

It’s not been a great year for Nadal who has struggled and just hasn’t found his level yet. He’s never done too well at the World Tour Finals despite two finals appearances but his win/loss is 13-11 and is yet to win the title. This in my opinion is a massive week for Nadal. Say he is in a group with Novak and Roger and goes through the confidence it will give him will be incredible but one win and out in the round robin would not be good for confidence!

Tomas Berdych

Do I think Berdych has had a great year? No. I think Berdych has a good game but I think at the level of the rest of the top eight I do think he is sometimes out of his depth without a top 10 win since May. He is very good at sticking in rallies but winning those big points is a massive issue at times for him which was evident in his 6-7 6-7 loss to Novak recently.

Kei Nishikori

We don’t really know how fit Kei is coming into this. He retired with an injury in Shanghai not too long ago and if he isn’t at 100% an intense week of tennis can be very difficult to get into! I feel sorry for Kei, he has the talent to be one of the best in tennis but injuries seem to hamper him a lot and can’t get a consistent run of tournaments going without picking up an injury. I hope he is 100% and could be one to watch in London!

David Ferrer

David Ferrer missed about 3 months of tennis earlier on in the year with injury and still qualified with at least 1000 points ahead of the player in ninth which shows the little challenge from the rest of the tour. I think Ferrer will struggle in London and I would be shocked if he got to the semi-finals unless he isn’t in the same group as Wawrinka, Nadal, Novak and Roger which could potentially happen!


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