Who will break into the ATP top eight next season?

With little challenge in the Race to London this year on the ATP tour with the top eight all but decided around May/June time the big question is who will make the breakthrough into the top eight next season on the tour.

I’ve said a couple of times throughout the season that it hasn’t really been a race but more of slow burner. With respect a few players have qualified for the tour finals without really having a great year in my opinion and no challenge has been there. Ferrer in 8th has been a good 1000 points ahead of whoever has been in ninth during this time.

This year was meant to be the year when Dimitrov, Cilic, Raonic and others break into the top 8-10 but it hasn’t happened at all for one reason or another.

Don’t get me wrong I think the line-up for London is fantastic but it can get a little boring after a while with it being the same players and I’d love to see some players break into the top of the game next season.

Will it be Cilic? Dimitrov? Raonic? Or one of the rising stars on the tour? Or maybe David Goffin who I think is more than capable of breaking into the ten.

Who do you think will break through next season? Or could it stay the same?


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