Was Benoit Paire’s drop volley the greatest shot of all time?

Benoit Paire began 2015 at 135 in the world and will likely finish it inside the top 25 after a very good year on the tour which saw him claim his first singles title and despite defeat to Gilles Simon in the Paris Masters to end his year he certainly finished the year on a high producing one of if not the greatest drop volleys of all time!

Video via YouTube Channel – ATPWorldTour

I’ve watched it 100 times or more, you cannot teach something like that! The delicate touch from Paire was simply stunning and he had to lean backwards once he hit it so he didn’t slide into the ball which seemed to be travelling so slow with the amount of backspin on it, it nearly bounced back over the net but the shot was so precise and deadly it took Simon out of the point immediately!

I don’t think we have a better shot all year! We’ve some great shots including one from John Isner I believe when his drop shot had so much top spin on it bounced back over the net!

This shot from Paire without a doubt is the shot of 2015 and maybe even one of the greatest shots of all time!


One thought on “Was Benoit Paire’s drop volley the greatest shot of all time?

  1. Anonymousity says:

    Roger Federers and Dimitrovs halfvolley dropshots at Basel 2012 was up there, and some of Stans and Nalbandians when he was active.

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