Arsenal must now prove victory against Bayern Munich wasn’t a fluke!

It happened. I didn’t see it coming and a majority of Arsenal fans probably didn’t either but it happened. Arsenal beat Bayern Munich on Tuesday night 2-0 in the Champions League however Wenger’s men now have to prove this isn’t a fluke.

This has Arsenal written all over it. They lose to Olympiacos and Dinamo Zagreb and then beat Bayern Munich. I think it’s a mentality thing at times. It’s like they turn up and expect to win as the favourites and then against the better sides they seem to show them respect. Everyone side in the Champions League have earnt their place there!

Arsenal set up perfectly in the match and got a much deserved result. They set up to press sides and counter attack. It worked against Manchester City in the league last season and worked against Bayern Munich on Tuesday and they have the players with the quality to do this on a regular basis so why not use it more?

Imagine a regular front four of Walcott, Sanchez, Ozil and Oxlade Chamberlain. The is pace, skill and great finishers in this front four. They have the ingredients to be an effective high press and counter attacking side but I just don’t get why we don’t see more!

Arsenal will have difficult away and home games in the future and now this results adds more pressure as Arsenal must go and prove they can do this regularly. Arsenal have some tough games coming up in the next two and a bit weeks against Everton (on Saturday) and games away from home against Swansea and Bayern Munich before a North London Derby against Tottenham and I think in all four of those games I would like to see Arsenal play this style of play more as it is effective.

The intensity was there and needs to be at the level all the team no matter who they are playing against and now this is the time to prove in the Premier League and Champions League that this result wasn’t a fluke. However at the same time you wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal lose at the weekend and there is still a possibility they could go out of the group stage of the Champions League!

Will Arsenal now prove this result wasn’t a fluke or not?


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