Newcastle’s result against Chelsea means nothing after capitulation against Manchester City!

Newcastle’s point against Chelsea last week seems a long time ago now. Newcastle played well and led the match 2-0 at one point and ending up drawing 2-2 so despite the point it was two points dropped last week however that result simply means nothing after a complete capitulation against Manchester City this weekend.

Who actually didn’t see this coming? Last week Newcastle players were cheered by the crowd for closing down the ball and being solid in defence which is what they need to do against these top teams but they can’t against clubs in and around them in the league. To go to Manchester City and be hit for 6 is embarrassing and just shows the issues at the club. The draw against a poor Chelsea side means nothing as they haven’t learnt from their mistakes.

They go and spend over £40 million in the summer and are no better. Newcastle used to be one of the top clubs in the league over 15 years ago and the fact is they aren’t now. I don’t think the club is under achieving as I see them as a bottom half side and not a top half side and if they finish inside the top 10 then their season should be deemed a success. They have a loyal fan base but I think the expectations they have aren’t realistic. They aren’t a top side any more and I find it baffling that they don’t take cup competitions seriously.


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