Stacey Allaster to resign as WTA CEO

It has been announced that as of the 2nd of October 2015 the WTA’s CEO and chair Stacey Allaster will step down from her role for personal reasons.

Stacey joined the WTA almost 10 years ago however has only been the CEO and chair since late 2009. I think every tennis fan will say the job she has done for women’s tennis over the last 6 years has been nothing short of exceptional and has helped take the women’s game to another level.

One day there will hopefully be equal rights in sport and Stacey has certainly helped bridge the gap and has fought for equal rights and equal pay for women tennis players which she has achieved at 6 WTA tournaments as well as at all the four Grand Slams.

Part of the statement from the WTA and Stacey read:

“When I joined the WTA my goal was to leave the organisation on a stronger footing and I feel a humble sense of pride in what we have all accomplished here. I have focused on what it means to be a champion and I have tried to be a strong role model for women to encourage success in the sports industry.”

I definitely believe Stacey has succeeded at all of this during her time as CEO and chair.

In my opinion I do think the WTA is very competitive and the standard throughout the tour is so high and I believe will only get better. The WTA Finals in Singapore for me is the highlight of the year, I think the whole tournament is put on so well and everyone wants to see the best players in the world against each other.


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