Will Roger Federer ever win another Grand Slam?

Over 1160 days ago Roger Federer defeated Andy Murray at Wimbledon in 2012. Since then he has made three Grand Slam finals and has lost all three to Novak Djokovic of course but will Roger ever win another Grand Slam title? Roger is still playing at an exceptionally high level however he has only won a Grand Slam title twice since the start of 2010 out of the 24 appearances he has made having never missed a Grand Slam tournament during his career with a career win/loss of 297/50 in these major tournaments.

Roger didn’t do too well in Australia with a third round exit and also a quarter final exit at Roland Garros but the difference between him and Novak in these Grand Slam finals over the past two years has been massive. Will we see Roger ever win another Grand Slam? When was the last time we saw him lift each other?

Australian Open – 2010
Roland Garros – 2009
Wimbledon – 2012
US Open – 2008

To his credit he is still playing fantastically well in the latter stages of his career having turned 34 last month however I do think the tennis between being a runner-up and being a winner we may not see again however I would love to be proved wrong.

Some reckon next year we may see Roger retire from the sport however he does look like he could go on for a couple more years! However something I expect to be high on his agenda next year is going for Olympic Gold in the singles in Brazil having lost to Andy Murray in London and of course winning Gold in the doubles in 2008 with Stanislas Wawrinka.

Olympic Gold is something every player wants to achieve and my opinion is the biggest win in tennis. Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal have already got their hands on it but also not just Federer but Djokovic will be looking as well next summer.

At the end of the day I don’t think he will win another Grand Slam. I felt this year was his best chance with Nadal off form but will he return to his best next year and you always have Murray fighting hard in the majors as well. As for Olympic Gold, summer 2016 is set to be very interesting!

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