How the sliced backhand of Roberta Vinci helped cause the biggest upset in Tennis history!

The other night were witnessed potentially the biggest upset in tennis history. Serena Williams was just two wins away from completing the calendar Grand Slam and winning her 5th Grand Slam title in a row however she can up against Roberta Vinci a player who had never before these two weeks had never made it past a quarter final of a Grand Slam on the singles tour but pulled off one of the biggest upsets ever to advance to her first Grand Slam final.

What stood out for me during the match from Vinci and took the control of the rallies away from Serena was the slice backhand of Vinci especially from the middle of the court on the baseline which took the power and pace off the ball and sent it just inside the baseline to Serena.

I’ve tried to show it the best I can above. The slice backhand from Vinci took everything off the ball that usually sets Serena up for success. It took the pace, power and height off the ball so when Serena did make contact with the ball she kind of had to lean backwards and hit it up unable to generate power off it like she would with a ball which has a good bounce on it.

Sometimes your best shot isn’t that one which you hit the most winners off during a match but is the one which unsettles your opponent and stops them playing their game. This wasn’t the only thing which won the match for Vinci but it did cause Serena the most problems. The Italian did everything really well throughout the match. Her movement and shot selection and variety of course being an experienced doubles player was great to watch and what a brilliant time and a brilliant stage to cause such a massive upset!

I was sad to see Serena lose but take nothing at all away from Vinci she played such a controlled and precise game and Serena just couldn’t find the answer and to beat the Vinci and to beat Serena from a set down is incredible and something not many have or will achieve during their careers!

If you couldn’t love the performance of Vinci then she topped it off with an emotional and funny interview after the biggest win of her career

Video via YouTube channel – Best Highlights

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