Should the ATP follow the WTA and implement a heat rule?


There we got that is the piece over…

On a serious note I believe the ATP need to copy the WTA and have a heat rule in place especially when it comes to Grand Slam tournaments. The men play a best of 5 set match which could go on for 4/5 hours and we have seen them go on for longer and with the heat sometimes during all the Grand Slams there should be something there to protect the players.

In my opinion I would change it from 5 sets to 3 sets as quite a lot of the time after 3 hours in 3 sets I feel the quality of the tennis gets worse and players struggle and then have to play just under 48 hours later in another match which could go on for 5 hours.

However away from all of that a heat rule is a must. The WTA have one and when the heat does reach a certain level a heat rule is implemented and the players get a 10 minute break to cool down. In the opening two rounds at the US Open on the men’s side we have seen 11 retirements however only one of those has been during the 5th set of the match. Not all of these players have retired due to problems with the heat but I believe a couple have and have looked knackered at the end of the fourth set going into a fifth set.

Jack Sock yesterday retired in the early stages of the fourth set and was cramping badly and couldn’t continue with the heat looking like it was getting to him and was harshly given a point penalty by the umpire on break point for taking his time and cramping and then he decided to call it a day and couldn’t continue. There has to be something in place to protect the players, surely a heat rule is a priority at the end of sets or after every 6 service games for example when the heat is extreme.

Surely the powers that be on the ATP tour need to look at this and put a rule in place like there is on the WTA tour!


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