Why has scheduling at the CitiOpen in Washington favourited men’s matches over women’s matches?

For the last week 32 players from the WTA tour and 48 players from the ATP tour have been playing at the Citi Open in Washington however it has felt like only one of those tournaments is taken seriously. First of all I should start by saying the tournaments are not combined. The ATP event is an ATP 500 event which is the third highest after Grand Slam and Masters 1000 whereas the WTA event is a WTA International event which is the fifth highest behind Grand Slam, Premier Mandatory, Premier 5, Premier and then International. The WTA tournament is obviously a smaller one than the ATP one as shown in the prize money as well as the winner of the ATP won receives $343,000 where as the winner of the WTA tournament receives $43,000.

What in my opinion has been a disgrace this week has been the court share and it is something I wrote about the other day and the decision last night by the organisers was incredible and in my opinion sexist.


Over the first 8 days of the tournament only 6 WTA matches have been on the main Stadium court which is unbelievable compared to the 30 ATP matches and a few of those ATP matches have been doubles! I understand the draw is bigger on the ATP side but to have a ratio 5:1 is simply pathetic!

There are a number of other tournaments round the world which hold ATP and WTA tournaments at the same time which aren’t always the same size but the court share for the main Stadium Court is much better than this.

Last night at the Citi Open Ekaterina Makarova and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova were about to step out on Stadium court and The Bryan Brothers were about to step out on Grandstand 1 for their semi-final and suddenly the powers that be at the Citi Open decided to switch the matches pushing the women’s semi-final onto the smaller outside court and the men’s doubles onto the main Stadium Court is this right?

At this point there was a possibility that the top seed Ekaterina Makarova could get to the final without playing on the main court in Washington! However sadly for Makarova at one set all she had to retire due to injury. The women’s doubles final was also played yesterday but was played on an outside court to make way for a men’s doubles semi-final.

I understand the tournaments aren’t equal in size but if you’re going to host an ATP and WTA tournament at the same time it should be? Also it shouldn’t matter by the size of the tournament as the court share should be more even. The decision to move the women’s semi-final was something I’ve never seen before especially for no apparent reason, is Grandstand 1 not good enough for the men’s double match?


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