Why have only 5 of the 31 matches on the Stadium Court in Washington been women’s matches?

It’s not the only tennis tournament in the world that seems to favour men’s matches instead of women’s matches on the main courts however in Washington at the Citi Open they are taking the micky with the court share between WTA and ATP matches.

I understand the men’s draw is bigger with 48 players in the main draw of the singles compared to the 32 on the women’s draw however on the doubles they both have 16 but more men’s doubles matches have been on the top courts and no women’s matches have been, why is that?

I’ve done a bit of adding up from the first day of the Citi Open to the 7th of August (note the first two days were qualifying matches)…


Statistically only 5 of the 31 matches on the main court at the Citi Open have been women’s matches which is pathetic! Players deserve a chance to play on the big courts the women don’t get as much opportunity as the men. The top three courts are televised I believe but the bias to men’s matches on the tour is incredible!

Not only the main Stadium Court but Grandstand Court 1 as well where the share over that time period is 23 men’s matches and 10 women’s matches which is a little bit better but why not make it more equal?

Even on the opening two days of the tournament which were qualifying the court share was 6/1 and 7/2 in favour of the men’s draw again. I don’t believe this is due to a bigger draw as we have seen later in the tournaments more of the same problem as yesterday the four men’s matches were on the main court where as the four women’s matches were thrown on Grandstand 1 & 2.

Citi Open isn’t the only tournament. I like the tournament but we see the same week in week out but nothing like the ratio for the main court in Washington. Wozniacki criticised Wimbledon for this and I noticed in Miami earlier on in the year a major difference, here’s a link to that piece…

Caroline Wozniacki is right! Women don’t get enough chances to play on the big courts at Wimbledon and they should!


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