Is the Andy Murray lob shot the best in Tennis?

Every player on the tour has their own strengths and weaknesses even the top player in the world have weaknesses but one of the shots of which is just truly incredible is the Murray lob shot.

There aren’t many players on the tour I would say are capable of turning defence into attack look so easy but Andy Murray is definitely one of the best in my opinion. Caroline Wozniacki and Andy Murray are probably the best defenders in tennis, they never give up a ball and can create some extraordinary winners when the opponent looks set to win the point.

I do think Andy does have a lot of variety to his game and this lob shot is for me a special shot.

am lob 1

Just the week in Davis Cup Murray had a set point on the Simon serve at 5-3 40-30 in the third set and was in this position above. Simon had where he wanted Murray in the corner of the court, Simon had down the line covered and cross court but for a player of Murray’s ability there is still space open.

am lob 2

In this situation you’d expect the player at the net to win 99.9% of the points with the passing ground covered by the attacker but the top spin and trajectory on the lob is incredibly accurate it’s like video game tennis. What I enjoy the most about this shot is that it is a crowd pleaser, in this situation you would normally see a player smash the ball as hard as possible towards the opponents body and try and force an error or a poor volley and try and move up the court and have a better chance of winning the point.

Here it is…

YouTube video channel – British Tennis


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