Is Ana Ivanovic working with Nigel Sears again?

Rumour has it that Ana Ivanovic has a new coach and apparently it is Nigel Sears who coached Ana between the years 2011-13 and of course is Kim Murray’s dad and Andy Murray’s father in law.

With her boyfriend Bastian Schweinsteiger joining up with an old coach in Louis Van Gaal it does sound like Ana has done the same in re-hiring Nigel Sears. Since 2000 Ana has had 14 coaches now which is incredible over the last 15 years with her longest serving coach being Nikola Cetnik who she was with from 1994 to 2001.

Despite only being 27 Ana has been on the tour for about 11 years now and to go through that money coaches in that time is mad. She is a former world number one and of course a former Grand Slam champion back in 2008 when she won Roland Garros as a 20 year old.

The rumour started on Twitter with Ana currently training in Majorca right now. Former tennis player Anne Keothavong who obviously knows Nigel and has worked with him for BT Sport in the past tweeted yesterday…

“For all the Ana Ivanovic fans out there, she’s back working with Nigel Sears”

There has been no confirmation from Ana Ivanovic yet but it does seem likely and the big question is how long will Nigel last? Nigel is the only coach of Ana Ivanovic’ to have spent more than 2 years working with her since 2005.


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