Jordanne Whiley + Yui Kamiji win Wimbledon Wheelchair Doubles Final!

On the final day of Wimbledon 2015 the world number one duo Jordanne Whiley and Yui Kamiji battled against the world number two pair Jiske Griffioen and Aniek Van Koot for the third time in a row at the Wimbledon Wheelchair Doubles Final!

The Dutch duo broke the Whiley serve at the beginning of the match after a slice shot long from Kamiji to take a 1-0 lead. Kamiji and Whiley broke back immediately after an error from their opponents with Kamiji starting the game brilliantly with a well disguised drop shot at the net. At deuce an overhead from Kamiji hit the net and the Dutch pair went on to break serve again for 2-1. Holding serve seemed to be a bit of a problem in the opening exchanges with neither player keeping hold of their serve and at 2-2 Jordanne Whiley would serve for a 3-2 lead. The first service hold did go with the number one ranked team with a very good hold from Great Britain’s Jordanne Whiley. Van Koot struggled on serve again going 0-30 down before getting back to 30-30 however they were broken and Kamiji/Whiley extended their run of games to three in a row taking a 4-2 lead. A wonderful volley from Whiley secured another game for the duo as they went 5-2 up! Another stunning slice at the net from Kamiji set up set point which they secured to win their 5th game in a row taking the first set 6-2 in impressive style!

From 15-30 down in the opening game of the set Kamiji came up with another brilliant shot at the net for 30-30 before Whiley went on to hold serve for a 1-0 lead putting pressure again on the Van Koot serve! Van Koot continued to struggle on serve and Whiley/Kamiji took their opportunities to extend their number of games in a row to 7! Another good shot from Jordanne Whiley forced the error from Van Koot to set up game point and Kamiji played a lovely serve out wide and they extended their lead to 3-0 with the question being asked of Griffioen to hold serve for the first time in the final!

For the first time in the match the Dutch pair managed to hold serve and finish a run of 8 games in a row going to Whiley/Kamiji. A double fault from Whiley set up a big opportunity for the Dutch pairing to break back at 15-40, one of the points was saved but not the other as they broke back for 2-3 and asking a big question of Van Koot to hold serve. A lob shot and a slice from Kamiji helped set up break points and an error from Van Koot gave the number one seeds the break back for a 4-2 lead! Another break of serve followed and suddenly from 4-2 the set was level at 4-4. Whiley came up with a good hold of serve for 5-4 and Van Koot would serve to stay in the final. An ace from Van Koot got them out of trouble to hold for 5-5 and the set would continue! An excellent shot from Van Koot set up break point and a double fault from Kamiji gave them a 6-5 lead and suddenly they were in front. A good hold from Griffioen to take the set 7-5 from 4-1 down!

At the end of the second set all four players took a break and went off the court ahead of the third set. An error from Kamiji set up break point at the beginning of the set however an ace and some good tennis from Whiley saved the break point and held serve in the decider for a 1-0 lead! One break point was wasted by Whiley but a good slice volley at the net but couldn’t take the opportunity going to deuce. Chances came and went for Kamiji and Whiley and Van Koot held for 1-1 after a smash into the net from Whiley. Things went from bad to worse as Kamiji’s serve was broken to love. A bit of a mistake from the umpire who called deuce by Whiley and Kamiji did break back for 2-2! Another break of serve followed as Griffioen/Van Koot extended their lead to 3-2! The Dutch duo couldn’t hold serve and Whiley/Kamiji broke back again. A very important hold from Kamiji gave them a 4-3 lead and put a bit of pressure on the Griffioen serve! On the third break point the number one team did break and Jordanne Whiley would serve for the match!

After saving a number of set points they did it! Jordanne Whiley and Yui Kamiji win Wimbledon for the second time running and their 6th Grand Slam since the start of 2014! Well done!

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