Wimbledon 2015 – Stanislas Wawrinka v Richard Gasquet Preview

Weeks after winning his second career Grand Slam at Roland Garros right now you’d have to have Stanislas Wawrinka as a contender for Wimbledon. The Swiss number two has improved so much over the past 2 years and is a contender for every tournament he plays. For the first time in his career he is one win away from making his first Wimbledon semi-final however standing in his way of doing this is Frenchman Richard Gasquet who saw off Nick Kyrgios in the previous round.

Richard Gasquet has already won one battle of the backhands against Grigor Dimitrov however now he faces the master in Stanislas Wawrinka who in my opinion has the best backhand in tennis. Read my piece on it below

Despite both players being so strong off the one handed backhand shot there is a lot more to their game. Both have tremendous ability to produce powerful and tricky shots. Quite a lot of the younger players breaking through seem to play with a style of tennis where they are interested in power and don’t try to carve out points with skilful tennis which isn’t just about power. Wawrinka v Gasquet will probably the least talked about semi-final as Novak, Andy and Roger are all in action but it will be very entertaining and if you get a chance to watch then do!

Both players are having a very good year on the tour, Stan of course won Roland Garros and two other titles and Richard has won two titles as well. Richard has played quite a measured game especially against Dimitrov and Kyrgios where he was composed and kept playing his game. Wawrinka is similar however he has the ability to pull a winner out of nowhere especially off the backhand where as I feel Gasquet’s uses his shot when the chance of hitting a winner is high.

The two have only met twice before with both of them securing a win. Wawrinka won their last match at Roland Garros in 2013 winning in 5 sets and 8-6 in the decider and Richard won their first meeting 9 years ago in 2006 winning in Paris 7-5 6-1.

We’ve already had the ‘battle of the backhands’ when I did my review of Gasquet/Dimitrov so this time it’s battle of the backhands again really… what else could it be?


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