Wimbledon 2015 – Serena Williams defeats Victoria Azarenka in an epic match

Vika started the match really well which is important against Serena to be composed at the beginning just to get a bit of momentum going. The former world number one broke the current world number one for a 3-1 before a very good hold for 4-1 with the Belarussian in control standing inside the baseline on 50% of the points played controlling the early rallies. Azarenka continued to be strong off the forehand side but Serena held serve for 2-4 before another solid service game from Vika taking a 5-2 lead. Things did look like they were going to go from bad to worse for Serena who went 15-40 down on serve but Serena saved the game for 3-5 with a shout of ‘COME ON’ with Vika changing her racket before she would serve for the set. A double fault and a returned serve put Vika in a bit of trouble but an error from Serena set up set point for Azarenka and she took it with a beautiful forehand down the line!

Serena knows how to mount a comeback and she couldn’t have asked for a better start to the set holding to love with three aces! A couple more holds of serve came from the two players and a much needed one for Azarenka who did well saving multiple break points with some incredible rallies between the two players. Another big service game followed as Williams had to save break points to hold for a 3-2 lead! Holding serve continued to become a big problem for Vika and this time the backhand from Serena caught Vika out who couldn’t get it over the net and Serena took a 4-2 lead! Just as Serena looked in charge she suddenly went 15-40 down on serve but she held her serve for a 5-2 lead! Serena did not have to worry about serving the set as she broke serve to take it 6-2.

Another game went Serena’s way taking a 1-0 lead with the big question being can Vika hold serve now? The answer to that was no as Vika went 2-0 down before going 3-0 down with Serena finishing with an ace. A big hold was needed for Azarenka and she did so saving break point but Serena gave nothing away on serve to go 4-1 up. Nothing could stop Serena from progressing despite Azarenka seeing a break point on the serve when Serena was serving for the match but couldn’t break back and Serena advances to another Wimbledon semi-final!


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