Wimbledon 2015 – James Ward defeats Jiri Vesely to advance to the third round!

After a slight rain delay James Ward and Jiri Vesley got their second round meeting underway and it couldn’t have really gone any better for Ward. James went a break up early on taking a 3-0 lead in the opening minutes of the match and looked like a double break was a possibility as he went 0-30 up on the Vesely serve however the 21 year old won four points in a row to hold serve for 1-3. James continued his good start and went up 5-2 with another hold of serve and one game away from taking the opening set with some great variety on points from the British player. James Ward didn’t have to worry about serving out the set as he broke serve from 15-40 down on the Vesley serve to take the first set 6-2 against Vesely producing some high quality tennis. The first set was pretty impressive from James with 16 winners and just 3 unforced errors in 8 games.

After breaking serve to take the first set, James began the second set and continued his good start to the match taking a 1-0 lead early on. Vesely got on the board early on in the second to level at 1-1 after going 0-3 down in the previous set. The first five games went on serve in the set with no real chance to break serve and Ward leading 3-2. The first chance of breaking serve went to Ward up 4-3 on serve winning three points in a row on the Czech’s serve and despite seeing six break points just couldn’t break the serve of Vesley with the set level at 4-4. Ward extended his lead again to go 5-4 up and a game away from taking the set if he could break serve. Ward saw a set point on the Vesley serve at 40-30 however the 21 year old held on again for 5-5. With Ward failing to capitalise on the break points and set point he had the set would then go on to be decided on the tie-break. Vesely took control of the tie-break in the opening exchanges taking a 3-0 lead against the Brit. From 0-3 Ward got back to 3-3 at the first change over. Ward then went 5-4 up on serve in the tie-break with two more points needed to take the set. Two more points was all that was needed and Ward got them to take the set 7-6 (7-4) and one set away from the third round!

There was a little bit of a worry for Ward at the start of the set as Vesely saw a few break points however the Brit held his serve well at the beginning of the third set. Ward had a break point of his own but couldn’t break serve and then went 0-40 down on serve and eventually broken for the first time with Vesely going 3-1 up. 3-1 became 4-1 and Vesely in complete control of a set for the first time in the match. Ward managed to continue to hold serve but 3-5 down with Vesely serving for the set. The Czech player managed to hold and take the set 6-3 with the match going into a fourth set.

At the end of the set Jiri Vesely took a break receiving a medical time out. After the medical time out Ward got the fourth set under way with a good hold of serve. However James did then find himself in a little bit of trouble going 0-30 down on serve at 1-1 however James did get to 30-30 before Vesely worked a break point but couldn’t get the better of Ward’s second serve and James held on for a 2-1 lead with the physio coming out against for Vesely. Ward then broke for a 3-1 lead and managed to save three break points to consolidate the break for a 4-1 lead! 4-2 became 5-3 and James Ward was a game away from making the third round at Wimbledon for the first time in his career. The biggest cheer of the day at Wimbledon as James Ward secured his place in the third round and cemented his place in the top 100 for the first time in his career!


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