Has Grigor Dimitrov improved since last year?

Grigor Dimitrov is no longer the ‘new kid on the block’. The Bulgarian made his break through into the top 10 last year at the age of 23 and now 24 years old I don’t think he has improved at all. Last year Dimitrov won three titles and finished the year with a win/loss record of 50/18 which is very good at this point he looked like cementing his place in the top 10. Like I said 50/18 is a good record but since he made the semi-finals of Wimbledon almost a year ago his win/loss record has been 34/20 which isn’t very good for a player wanting to be in the top 10 and his record this year being 19/12.

I keep hearing that he is a rising star but at 24 can you still be a rising star? Every player can always continue to improve but I don’t think rising star can be used to describe Dimitrov now. It’s like in football when a player who is 24 years old can be nominated for young player of the year and two years later they are then in the latter stages of their career?

When you think of Grigor Dimitrov his trademark shot is the one handed backhand. For this shot the margin for error is so slim to make it a perfect shot. I believe Wawrinka’s one handed backhand is the best in the business. Even when Wawrinka makes an error off it you don’t really see him get annoyed but watching Dimitrov lose to Sock and him play against Querrey and Muller I felt after he made an error he didn’t look that comfortable after as if he didn’t trust it. Like I said the error for margin is so slim on the shot but watching Dimitrov it does look a bit like hit and hope at times when it should be a bit more measured.

I would love to find some statistics for the last 18 months to see the success rate off the backhand to see the ratio between winners and errors but it’s impossible to find those in-depth statistics however I have found statistics from Dimitrov’s loss to Sock in the first round.

During the three sets Dimitrov hit 8 winners off his backhand and 12 unforced errors which isn’t brilliant but isn’t awful but an error is still an error. What I don’t like about the error count is when they split it to unforced errors and forced errors. Depending on a players ability you can’t call it and it is a matter of opinion. Watching tennis and seeing the statistics on the computer there are some contentious decisions made on what makes a forced error and the major difference. Getting away from that Dimitrov apparently in the match made 26 forced backhand errors which is tough to talk about without seeing the points. However 38 backhand errors and 8 winners isn’t very good and on ratio it’s 4.75 errors to 1 winner.

I think Dimitrov can become a very good player and can still improve. I’d like to see a bit more variation to his game. He is a very talented player but if I look at him compared to this time last year, he isn’t playing any better at all and needs to find his best tennis. Luckily for him after Wimbledon he doesn’t have many points left to defend with his record from early July to October being 15/8.


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