Is the Wawrinka backhand the best shot in Tennis right now?

Stanislas Wawrinka put in one of the best performances of 2015 against Novak Djokovic to win the French Open. The main talking point from the match was the backhand shot of the Swiss which was on fire. The big question is “is Stan’s backhand the best shot in tennis right now?” We have Serena’s serve, Novak’s forehand, Nadal’s forehand, Murray’s two handed back hand, Sharapova’s forward but for me right now this is the best shot in the sport.

I could literally post like 300 YouTube videos of Stan’s backhand but there are just too many brilliant shots. Here’s a few…

Video via YouTube page – TennisTop10’s

What I like about the shot is the quickness of producing a winner and also the variation he gets on the shot.

Stan BH

These are just some shots he can produce with the backhand shot either cross court or down the line but the accuracy is insane. He can push one to the back of the court or to one of the service boxes and still place it so accurate. If you do get Stan in that backhand corner which I’ve highlight in blue then you are in trouble. The only place you can stand at this point is in the middle of the court which is shown by the red circle. If you commit to going to defend the backhand corner he will do you with a cross court winner and if you commit to the forehand corner the backhand corner opens up. Not only do I think it’s one of the best shots to watch but tactically its excellent. The shot can open up the whole court and not many in tennis can do that with just one shot.

Is there a better shot in tennis right now?


3 thoughts on “Is the Wawrinka backhand the best shot in Tennis right now?

  1. Stan’s backhand is the best shot right now, though we need a little context. When his entire game (huge serve and big, heavy forehand) is in peak form, the backhand is the grim reaper. Tops right now. Good stuff, Iain. Thanks.

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