Sepp Blatter re-elected as FIFA President!

Sepp Blatter has again become FIFA President a position he has held since 1998 and will continue in this post for another 4 years and the next vote will be after the next World Cup in Russia in 2018 with the vote taking place in 2019.

To win the vote you need a majority of two thirds and after the first round of voting Prince Ali had 73 votes to Sepp Blatter’s 133 with Blatter only a few short of the majority required.

There was no need for a second vote as Prince Ali withdrew from the race.

With the current goings on at FIFA who knows what will happen next?

At the FIFA Congress for the election David Gill took over as FIFA Vice President however it has been said that he will apparently resign if Blatter wins the vote which he has done due to Prince Ali withdrawing.

Michel Platini yesterday said when asked if boycotting a FIFA competition was a possibility he did say…

“UEFA associations will meet in Berlin next week. We will be open to all options”


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